I’ve been away for a week, and some of the nymphs really bulked up!

I’ll try to answer asks asap, though I got a whole bunch so I’ll only publish the ones I think would be interesting for everyone.

Sonja my darling

Sonja my darling

cram cram smoosh

I went to tidy up the tank a little and finally! I got to witness a white roach! For those not in the know, this is how they look right after a molt. They’re really quite lovely like this. Their eyes are more visible.

Just discovered this rather unique little roach among the nymphs!

Just discovered this rather unique little roach among the nymphs!

The nymph I kept from the first litter has grown and become soooo pretty!! It did suffer some major antenna loss though.

This little nymph decided to keep Sonja company.

So I was just playing around on tumblr and yeah, I tried searching for funny gifs about cockroaches and such until I saw your posts and eventually visited your blog. In all honesty, I hate cockroaches lol but you seem to have gone through an interesting phase to have discovered your love for them. How'd you do it?

(Note to self, make some funny gifs of cockroaches)

I’m not entirely sure, actually! Like I said, I always did have a strange fascination for insects even though I was scared of them. It could have something to do with positive childhood/teenage rolemodels? :B One of my favorite computer games as a kid was titled “Bug!" so yeah. Then later on I started watching Digimon, and the little beetle Digimon became one of my favorite characters. Then there was that girl in Hey Arnold! who loved bugs and I thought that was just the raddest thing ever. Then there was a guy in Naruto who had his whole body full of bugs and that was SOOO COOL.

I also started small and worked my way up. My favorite bugs until just recently when I discovered how amazing cockroaches are, were moths and butteflies. Moths in particular have a tendency to look like cute fuzzy bunnies and are thus easily approachable. After I had handled moths of all shapes and sizes, moving on to less fuzzy bugs didn’t seem like that big a deal, since they do share the basic insect anatomy.

So all in all, my advice for getting over insect phobias is to take small steps and don’t give up! :D

Semi-off topic, but I wanted to share this adorable weevil, likely a strawberry root weevil, I discovered on my plate after finishing my strawberry cake. I don’t think anyone has ever been as delighted to find a bug in their cake.

I used to be deathly afraid of cockroaches, but as an animal rights activist I think all animals have a right to exist and even to be loved. I still cant get over the scuttling movements though! It just makes me go ICK. Is it true that cockroaches are naturally filthy and carry lots of bacteria and disease? I want to use exposure to cure myself but I dont know if I can do it. Why is fear of roaches ingrained in so many people??

Cockroaches clean themselves a lot, and germs actually don’t stick very well to them in the first place, so they’re only as dirty as what they’re standing on at the moment. As for diseases, I’m not entirely sure of this but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence either way, so I believe that fear is blown out of proportion.

I don’t think phobias are ingrained, but rather learned at a young age. If the people surrounding a small child react negatively to an insect, the child can pick that up. My 1-2 year old nephews were just fascinated by my roaches when they came visiting. :]

You’ve got the right mindset, so you can conquer your fear if you work on it!